Back To School


I have an undying love for school supplies! Every year I couldn't wait to get my supply list at open house and head out with my mom to find the perfect set of colored pencils and the most stylish binders - I was not having those navy or hunter green binders. I remember feeling so official when I finally moved up to college ruled paper instead of wide ruled. Getting a locker was also really monumental. Mine was always fully decorated on the inside of the door and I was very particular about what kind of shelf and mirror I needed. Did anyone else have a mini freakout the first day back from Christmas break and draw a blank on the combination?

I've been out of school for awhile now but I still get really excited when I'm strolling through Target and I see the giant pencils hanging from the ceiling. As fun as childhood school shopping was, I must admit that grown up(ish) shopping is even better! Surrounding myself with cheerful things really helps motivate me and keep me feeling creative. These are some of my picks to keep you organized and keep your workspace pretty!

Thank you for reading!

Quick and Curious agenda: Kate Spade
I Am Very Busy pencil pouch:
turquoise ballpoint pen: Kate Spade

gold tape dispenser: Kate Spade
gold stripe thermal mug: Kate Spade
pink and gold mobile charger:
Eat Cake for Breakfast paper weight: Kate Spade
Bella Bookworm watercolor print: Preppy Printshop

Happy Girls print: Kelly Elizabeth Designs
gold stapler: Kate Spade
gold dot file folders: Kate Spade

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Stripes and Mint


Happy Friday! Do you have fabulous plans for the weekend? I'm just excited to sleep in a bit! This week has been so fun and so busy. I've been working on some fun new fall items that I'm super excited to finally show you. I also made two new amazing friends - it's crazy to think that we were strangers a handful of days ago but now I feel like I've known them forever. They're gorgeous, driven, brilliant, and so much fun! Yet another example of how important it is to be willing to stick your neck out a little and take a chance. Even something as small as saying hello to someone can lead to something great!

Thank you for reading!

striped top: Forever21
mint shorts: H&M - similar here, here, here, and here
sunglasses: Prada
bag: Jules Tote by Rebecca Minkoff - similar here
sandals: Gigi by Sam Edelman

Rainy Days


This summer has been crazy rainy in Tampa! We had a few weeks in a row that it rained every single day for almost the entire day. While I'm grateful that we aren't experiencing drought conditions like other places in the country, it's getting a bit old. It's so hard to look presentable when your hair falls flat and frizzy and you're walking in circles like a crazy person to avoid stepping in a puddle because you insisted on wearing your cute shoes.

Being a huge Gossip Girl fan has given me somewhat unrealistic expectations of how chic I can expect to look in any given situation. Case in point, the photo below - perfect hair, perfectly dry outfits, and designer heels.

Blair Waldorf gives me a lot of fashion inspiration but definitely not for practical outfits in case of inclement weather. In an effort to help keep you looking your best when mother nature isn't cooperating, I've rounded up some classically stylish rainy day gear to inspire you!

clear bubble umbrella: Totes
rain check bubble umbrella: Kate Spade

classic trench coat: Coach
gingham trim raincoat: Topshop

matte lace up rain boots: Coach
glitter rain boots: Kate Spade
charm rain boots: Michael Kors
tall glossy rain boots: Hunter

By the way, how hilarious is this photo?! Only Chuck Bass could make this combo seem normal.

Thank you for reading!

Our New Tees!


If you've been on our website in the last week, you may have noticed all of our new designs! We've added seven new tees to our collection - a few of them you might recognize but most are making their blog debut.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

P.S. - blog readers get free domestic shipping with the code: "blogship"!

Thank you for reading!

skinny jeans: Current/Elliott Stiletto Jeans in Townsend Destroy

Date Night


Happy Friday! Yay for the weekend! This week has been so busy getting all of our new designs on the website! See all six of the new tee designs here!

Thank you for reading!

watercolor peplum top: H&M
black skinny jeans: Paige Denim - similar here
light blue pumps: River Island - similar here, here, and here
bag: Love Crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff

Champagne Taste


Introducing one of our newest designs - the Champagne Taste tee! It's perfect for the girl with expensive taste and an eye for designer duds!

Thank you for reading!

Champagne Taste tee: Kelly Elizabeth Designs
skinny jeans: Current/Elliott Stiletto Jeans in Townsend Destroy
sunglasses: Prada
bag: Hamilton Tote by Michael Kors
neon pink pumps: Point Well Taken by Go Jane

Pink Stripes


Happy Friday! I'm so excited the weekend is here! 

Our house is a bit of a wreck and the laundry has piled up but it's been a productive week otherwise. I'm making peace with the fact that it's nearly impossible to get a lot done in our work lives while also staying on top of our home lives. Sometimes those dishes are just going to have to wait and that's okay. Maybe one day we'll have it all figured out and manage to live a very glossy life in a photoshoot-ready apartment but until that day comes, we're just doing our best. We haven't starved or gone to the office in our pajamas yet so I think we're doing just fine.

You may have seen Tampa on the news in the last few weeks because of crazy amounts of rain and flash flooding. We somehow managed to come out of it unscathed. We'd leave somewhere and then see photos of the place we just left completely flooded. I haven't been very consistent with blog posts lately and it's because we could barely get outside so please excuse the wind in these photos - it's the best we could do between storms.

Today I'm sharing my go-to outfit lately - a fun, comfy tee and cut offs. I keep seeing people posting on Instagram about the temperatures getting cooler and fall getting closer where they live but August in Florida is crazy hot and humid. These cut offs won't be going to live in a drawer anytime soon. 

I hope you have a fabulous and relaxing weekend! 

Thank you for reading!

pink striped top: Old Navy
denim cutoffs: Free People
gold aviators: Michael Kors
bag: Jules Satchel in Biscuit by Rebecca Minkoff - similar here
nude patent sandals: Gigi in Almond by Sam Edelman

White and Mint


Happy Wednesday! How's your week going so far? Mine has been a bit weird. I was summoned for jury duty on Monday and sat in a huge room with at least 500 other people for about five hours. I ended up being dismissed before I made it anywhere past the big room, which to be honest, I'm pretty happy about. I know it's my civic duty and I'm very grateful to live in a country where we have the right to a jury of our peers but I'm super relieved that I wasn't chosen.

Since this week has been pretty different than most, I'm sharing an outfit today that I don't put together very often - all white. I always see other women looking so chic in an all white outfit but when I put on the same outfit I kind of feel like a painter. I've finally figured out that what I need to feel comfortable in all white is design details so I grabbed my favorite white peplum top with pleating at the neckline and paired it with my trusty white skinny jeans and a little pop of color with my Ted Baker clutch. 

Thank you for reading!

white peplum top: Topshop - similar herehere and here
white skinny jeans: Avedon by Citizens of Humanity
mint clutch: Gemirr by Ted Baker - similar herehere, and here
nude leather chunky heels: Elena by Michael Kors - similar hereherehere, and here 
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